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Sally Bibb is an award-winning business author, speaker and founding director of Engaging Minds, a strengths consultancy. She leads strengths-based organisational change work in Europe, USA and Asia, and has a track record of achieving transformational results for her clients.

Sally’s strengths work is driven by personal experience and her own ‘light bulb’ moment. Working for BT International in her twenties she was promoted from a job she loved to a role that was totally wrong for her. She felt like a ‘square peg’ in a ’round hole’. She couldn’t understand, when BT had such apparently sophisticated selection methods, how they could have made such a wrong appointment. Ten years later, hearing two inspirational speakers at a conference on ‘Positive Psychology and Business’, something ‘clicked’; she realised that at BT, she’d been placed in a role that did not play to her strengths. So began Sally’s extensive study and research into Positive Psychology and strengths versus competencies. Now, her mission is to turn organisations into successful, inspiring places where people love their work and thrive.

She also wants to spread the strengths movement so that young people benefit from the insight and knowledge to make career and work choices that are right for them. Flourish, is a careers guide that she and her team have developed and offer free of charge to individuals and schools to bring strengths thinking into study and career choices.

Sally’s 2016 book Strengths-based Recruitment and Development for organisations, explains how and why strengths-based talent management is having an astonishing impact on performance in organisations like the UK NHS and top companies like Saga, Gap, Starbucks and SABMiller. By shifting the focus from what people can do (competency-based recruitment) to what they are naturally good at and enjoy doing, these companies have reported results which include a 50% drop in staff turnover, 20% increase in productivity and a 12% increase in customer satisfaction within a matter of months.

Sally’s new book The Strengths Book for everyone, enables us all to discover our strengths and apply them to be happier and more fulfilled at work and in life. It came out in October 2017 and is available worldwide now.

Sally is a pioneering strengths expert, leading a global strengths revolution.

Sally was a finalist in the 2016 UK Business Awards in association with Cranfield University School of Management for her ground-breaking strengths work with Engaging Minds in the category Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year.

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