A Question of Trust: The Crucial Nature of Trust in Business, Work & Life – and How to Build It

A Question of Trust was first published in hardback in 2004 by Palgrave Macmillan and subsequently released in 2007 in paperback. The book was shortlisted for the Management Today writing awards in 2004. It is probably even more relevant today than it was when it was first written. In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, companies that can instill trust in their employees and customers are those who will benefit from one of the greatest assets an organisation possesses – a good reputation.

The book is about trust in organisations: the business case for trust, what can be achieved when it’s present and what happens when it’s not. The book also explains, in an insightful and practical way how to build trust, maintain it and re-build it when it is broken.

Reviews of A Question of Trust

“A serious account of how trust lies at the heart of business and personal success.”
Financial Times

“This book is a timely reminder that one of the most important foundation stones in communication is trust.”
Ardi Kolah — Brand Republic

“A stimulating read if you believe that trust is an essential ingredient in making organisations tick. If you do not … this is essential reading!”
Martin McCourt — former CEO, Dyson

Sally Bibb and Jeremy Kourdi provide a clear and understandable range of conducive, supportive, practical ways to engender respect, authenticity and most of all renewed trust in contemporary organizations. This timely book is an insightful reminder of alternatives to the otherwise depressing stories of too many organizations in trouble.”
John Hofmeister — former Director Human Resources, Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies

“Trust is a very important subject that is often ignored but plays a crucial role in all customer and business relationships. It is critical to building customer loyalty. You can’t build loyalty without trust and companies increasingly need to focus their resources on building customer trust. There is no time to waste. You need to read this book now.”
Jeremy Dale — Vice President, Brand Marketing, Orange

“This book touches a critical nerve. The authors take an intelligent and pragmatic look at the issues. I applaud them on tacking this sweeping and all-important topic.”
Brian Bennett — President Culinary Software Services Inc., USA

“The authors argue with clarity of thought and a strong conviction, that building and keeping trust lies at the heart of all successful organizations irrespective of industry and culture and that without it, both organizations and leaders will ultimately fail. If any book can make a leader sit up and take notice of this essential truth, this is the one!”
Rosemarie Wallace — former Regional Managing Director Asia, Reader’s Digest

“In today’s world, trust is a scarce resource and like anything that is in short supply, its value has rocketed in importance. Everyone should know whether they are building trust or destroying it – and this book provides the blueprint for those looking to create and sustain trust for themselves and the organisations where they work.”
Chris Genasi — Chief Executive, Eloqui Public Relations

“It has never been more important that people understand clearly what the top leaders of an organization stand for. The examples given around leadership are very practical, and are useful for any individual or organization that internalizes the importance and benefits of leaders that create trust, an open work environment, and are dedicated to building a values-driven company.”
Susan Bowick — Human Resources and Workforce Development,
Hewlett Packard

“The interesting thing about trust is that virtually every manager I have met thinks he or she inspires it in others. In a cross-cultural setting, this could not be further from the truth; the notion and development of trust is not common to all cultures. This book provides a fascinating and practical insight into a facet of business so readily taken for granted, but so often misunderstood. A must for all international leaders.”
Dr Ritchie Bent — Group Head of Human Resources, Jardine Matheson Ltd

“Trust: a precious commodity; occurs naturally but easily broken; can be made from a strong solution of openness and integrity; shines in the dark and releases disproportionate amounts of energy, innovation and creativity; an essential ingredient for satisfaction and achievement. This book shows you how to understand and develop this rare and wonderful gift.”
John Harris — former CEO of Calor Group